Shocking Ways Teeth Can Crack And How You Can Prevent Them

12 Jun

Shocking Ways Teeth Can Crack And How You Can Prevent Them

Our teeth are one of the hardest parts of our bodies, but they are also one of our body parts that we can’t afford to expend. It’s extremely important to take good care of our teeth and gums. Brushing twice a day as well as flossing can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other abnormalities that can only be treated with proper dental care.

Despite our best efforts to keep teeth clean, you notice that after you ate a meal your tooth suddenly feels weird. In some instances, it could be a crack. In other cases, you may feel like part of your tooth is missing. If this happens, do not panic.

If you are insured, you can schedule a visit to your dentist, or any cosmetic dentist Tempe has to offer, to have him or her put it back to form with a filling, veneer, or crown.

If the feeling is sharp in your mouth, try not to feel it with your tongue. Chewing on sugar free gum in the meantime helps to decrease the risk of cutting your tongue.

Here are some possible causes of how a tooth might crack.

1. Acid Wears Out The Tooth’s Enamel.If you constantly drink sodas, juices, or alcoholic beverages, these drinks contain gradually toxic ingredients that can slowly corrode the surface of your teeth. Drinking with a straw will allow the drink to bypass your teeth to minimize any contact, but if you can, try to replace these drinks with water more often.

You can try to reinforce the enamel with special toothpastes and mouth washes. It would be nice if we could grow back tooth enamel like we can with skin and hair, but unfortunately, teeth do not have living cells, so once a part of the tooth is gone, it’s gone forever. Our teeth must be treated like fine china.

2. Grinding Can Chip Off The Tooth’s Enamel.

Grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism, can alter the teeth’s shape over time. Constant friction against the tooth can also wear on the surface and weaken the enamel. The constant pressure could cause damage to the teeth later on in a person’s life.

Teeth grinding is common during a person’s sleeping habits, where people aren’t aware that they are grinding when asleep. There are various mouth guards that are on the market today that can remedy this, and prevent further wear on the bicuspids and molars.

3. Always Choose White Fillings. Never Silver!

Any given cosmetic dentist Tempe has may only use white fillings, opposed to silver. Silver amalgam fillings, other materials include mercury and tin, were the norm before the development of porcelain white fillings. Silver fillings are known to chip and damage teeth over time, due to their nature of only filling the tooth without actually bonding with it. The instance of the tooth cracking would most likely take place while eating a hard substance.

If you have one or more silver fillings, consider replacing them with white fillings to prevent a bad scenario like this from happening. White, porcelain fillings are more appealing to look at, and also feel buttery smooth across the tongue.