Second Opinions in Dentistry

It is often wise to seek a second opinion in dentistry procedures that require extensive work. If your dentist has recommended dental implants, tooth extraction, or other costly surgical treatments, the skilled dentists at our Tempe, AZ, office can offer you a second opinion. At Value Dental Centers Tempe, we never recommend unnecessary procedures for our patients. We may confirm your dentist’s original findings and recommendations, or we may provide you with an alternative treatment plan that is less invasive and more affordable.

When to Seek a Second Opinion

Dental care varies greatly from practice to practice and dentist to dentist. Some dentists prefer more aggressive treatments, while others prefer a more conservative approach to your oral health. Simpler, less invasive procedures such as a filling or crown typically does not require a second opinion. Other instances certainly warrant seeking the advice of another dentist. You may wish to seek a second opinion if:

  • Your dentist recommends a highly invasive and extensive treatment without offering any alternatives
  • Your dentist diagnoses you with bone degeneration or oral cancer
  • Dental restorations placed by your dentist have failed prematurely and require replacement
  • You feel pressure to accept his or her recommendations without question
  • You feel that your dentist is inexperienced
  • You do not feel comfortable with your dentist

Benefits of Receiving a Second Opinion in Dentistry

Getting a second opinion can confirm your primary dentist’s findings and recommendations. Sometimes your second opinion will disagree entirely with your primary dentist’s original diagnosis. If your second opinion dentist confirms the original diagnosis, he or she may offer you alternatives to the previously recommended treatment. Your dentist may not have the experience, skills, training, or ability to offer you any alternative treatment options. At Value Dental Centers Tempe, our dentists have a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. This allows us to offer more treatment options than most general and family dentists.

Additionally, we will never pressure you into a treatment you do not need or cannot afford. We work with each of our patients individually to determine their treatment budget and design a treatment plan to address concerns while staying within budget. A second opinion may reduce anxieties you might have felt about your original diagnosis. You might also find a dentist you feel more comfortable working with.

Questions to Ask at an Appointment for a Second Opinion

The questions you ask during a second opinion appointment are as important as seeking the second opinion itself. Questions you should consider asking include:

  • Can you confirm my primary dentist’s diagnosis and recommendations?
  • Are there alternative treatment options available?
  • What are the risks and benefits associated with these treatment options?
  • What are the risks if I decide not to undergo treatment?
  • How much will this treatment cost and is it typically covered by insurance?
  • Will I need multiple treatments?

Weighing Your Options

If your second opinion dentist disagrees with the diagnosis made by your primary dentist, it may be wise to seek a third opinion. A third dentist can typically agree with one of the first two, which can help you make a decision about your treatment. If your second dentist agrees with the diagnosis but disagrees with the recommended treatment, you may wish to further discuss your treatment options. It is also wise to ask your insurance company which of your treatment options is partially or fully covered by your plan. Your insurance coverage can help with your decision. It is important that you feel comfortable with whichever treatment and dentist you choose.

Schedule Your Second Opinion Appointment Today

If you need a second opinion on a particular diagnosis or treatment recommendation, contact Value Dental Centers today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.