Custom Smile for Comfortable Wear

14 Jan

Custom Smile for Comfortable Wear

For whatever reason you are missing some or all of your teeth and you have decided that you want professional help in rectifying this situation. The top dentist in Tempe, AZ, is the first stop you should make in order to learn about the available solution options and costs before making a decision.

Dentures are often considered an ‘old person’ feature and while the majority of candidates for these custom smiles are seniors, there are many reasons why younger patients may require this too. There are two primary types of dentures offered by dental practices: traditional and implant-supported. Each has its own list of pros and cons so it is important to listen and ask questions when the dentist is laying out the differences and his/her recommendations.

Traditional dentures are the most popular selection due to their affordability and they are custom designed to fit comfortably and look natural while in place. They require extra care and must be removed every night in order to soak and prevent infections from developing in the user’s gum area. Implant-supported are more expensive because they are a permanent option that requires an in-office procedure in order to attach the patient’s actual jawbone.

Since they are just like ‘real’ teeth they are easier to maintain but could take longer to get in place. Regardless of which option you would like to select, your underlying oral health will be evaluated first and plays a major role in determining which method is available to you. The final result with either one is a natural looking smile that builds confidence, sits comfortably and will erase the image of missing teeth.

Take advantage of professional dental practices in Tempe, AZ, that offer dentures Tempe AZ as one of the services on their list and get into the office today for a regular exam and x-ray. There is nothing more important than maintaining excellent oral health and keeping up on the smile you have now in preparation for the future. Family practices are a great solution for those that have kids and seniors in their household because these offices have the widest range of options for everyone and eliminate having to run around town to different locations.