Some of the Most Bizarre Cases in Dental History

28 Jun

Some of the Most Bizarre Cases in Dental History

People have always been fascinated with the strange and unusual. This is especially true when dealing with anomalies within the medical field. We have entire books and medical journals dedicated to abnormalities that we don’t fully understand.

The same holds true for the field of dentistry. The human body is still very much a mystery in many ways. There are things that happen that we simply can’t explain, but studying them can help us to gain some insight into future problems. Throughout history, certain cases have baffled even the leading experts in the field. Ancient peoples used to assign supernatural blame for some of the more pronounced abnormalities. We’ve obviously evolved a great deal since then, and we catalogue this information in the hopes of expanding our knowledge base.

Some problems can be completely corrected if caught early enough. This is one of the functions of pediatric dentistry. Other times, the issues are allowed to grow with us into adulthood. This is when it might become prudent to seek out a cosmetic dentist in Tempe. Repairing your smile can help with your confidence level, and has the power to improve your health overall.

Regardless of our advances in the field of dentistry, there are still new and interesting cases to be found all over the world. Take a look at some of these more interesting case studies:

Supernumerary Teeth/ Hyperdontia

This is a condition that can mirror some of our worst nightmares. It involves teeth growing behind permanent teeth. These usually follow the actual arch of the mouth, and can be removed without incident. It can be bothersome when these teeth become impacted, or when they cause unusual crowding within the mouth. These extra teeth can also cause people to become self-conscious, and they prefer that they be removed for aesthetic purposes.

In one very unusual case, a pre-pubescent boy- who had many of his permanent teeth already-presented with several supernumerary teeth that were growing in a strange formation. They were arching away from the natural arch of the mouth, and causing him a great deal of pain. The teeth had to be surgically removed, and he was able to function normally afterwards.

Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

This is a multi-system disorder that can have a very unusual effect on the teeth. People born with this rare disorder will sometimes have small pointed teeth that grow at irregular intervals within the mouth. They can also suffer from facial abnormalities and skin issues that cause them lifelong issues. An entire team, including a specialized dental expert, is needed to treat this disorder. This disease and its effects are rare enough to call any case unusual.

Otodental Syndrome

This is another extremely rare condition that causes serious abnormalities in the formation of teeth. This is characterized by extremely large canine and molar teeth. This phenomenon is referred to a globodontia, and can be used by itself to diagnose this genetic disorder. This is one instance when doctors really try to manage the symptoms, as the teeth can be difficult to remove.

Gingival Fibromatosis

This is a disorder that is characterized by the overgrowth of the gums. The gums can grow so far over the teeth that the person cannot chew or speak properly.

Sometimes, this causes the teeth to become malformed and to eventually fall out. A specialized dentist will remove and cut back the disruptive portions of the gums.

This can allow the person to use teeth that were otherwise being obstructed by tissue. Experts still aren’t entirely sure of the cause of this disease, but they can all agree that it’s very rare.